Zaha, The Black Wing Angel

The resident angst blob. Said angst is why this page is so bloated compared to other character pages.


Torn between what he is, and what he thinks he should be. He was raised to believe that angels were inherently good and demons inherently evil. But as a demon, his conscience still speaks loudly both against his actions and against the form he appears in, which he does not want to face. This results in Reaction Formation : a defense mechanism that sees him display the opposite behavior to his conscience, though from time to time he slips up.

Therefore, he goes out of his way to prove to himself that he need not regret falling. This involves the belief that everyone will ultimately forsake their standards, as Lark apparently did in front of him, and so seeing heroics rubs him the wrong way. He tends to tell himself that friendship is just an illusion, and all his actions prior to redemption serve, in one way or another, the purpose of self-justification.

He isn't very good at looking farther than his nose and coupled with his aggression this makes for someone very dangerous. In a fit of rage he repeatedly sets the surroundings on fire, however, when calm he is capable of quite rational thought.

After redemption, he still has his crude language, his doubt and his rage, but now directs it in different ways. The original need to protect now dominates his behavior, he'll risk his life for others and stands up for the other demons. Yet a part of him is tired with the world and he longs for the strife to end, but that part isn't powerful enough in the end.

Upon seeing that even the angels can set aside their differences and come forth to do the right thing, he gains whatever courage he needed to really accept himself as a demon.


After seeing Orthros help the Knights he jumped in to help them out as well. From that point forth though, he became obsessed with convincing them to give up their heroic ways, using psychological torture (forcing them to kill their possessed friends). Later when seeing Mondo supposedly give evidence that he was just faking his friendship ideals, he got into Zaha Smash mode and again tried torturing him into giving up on it, again without effect.

At the point this happened, he was already on somewhat bad foot with Reda, who seems to be used already to being spoken to with disrespect by Zaha. He more or less had followed Reda's instructions in the past, and initially agreed to pay back his debt, but only if given the proper answers.

Rut was his only companion, who served as his sidekick and aide. They both like to dish friendship and other ideals, all the while having a pretty strong friendship themselves. Zaha calls him idiot from time to time, but Rut can push quite far with annoying him and the most he'll get is a glare.

Ciel he tried to ignore during this time, always flying away before she could talk to him. He is terrified of her response, expecting her to condemn him.

Post redemption, he is something of a guardian angel to the Knights and usually finds himself hovering around Ciel. Here it shows they know each other well, as they can tell each other a lot without words and effectively work together. Still, he is somewhat surprised of the ease with which she accepts him.

All his former rage has not been erased, but is channeled towards Reda now. Reda still can read him like a book and knows how to bring him off balance by encouraging his suicidal desire, but Zaha resists this time and ultimately kills him.


Once a holy angel, he was abandoned in the war by his troops and lost all hope when his best friend, Lark, also seemed to forsake him. Believing all light and friendship to be a lie, if even angels failed it in a time of need, he took an offer by Reda to gain the power for survival. He turned into a demon on the spot and followed Reda into the demon realm.

Some time during this he repeatedly encountered Ciel and has at least once seen her use Darkness Illusion, but ignored her usually by flying away.

  • 20. kuroi tsubasa ga yami ni mau !
  • 25. kimi no egao wo nido sando
  • 26. yami no kirema nikakaru niji
  • 39. oonami koete dai battle !
  • 40. saidaikyuu no muna sawagi !
  • 49. shuuketsu ! muttsu no monmon item
  • 50. kieru roku mon sekai
  • 51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • Root — Demon
  • Affinities — Fire, Wind, Demon
  • Spells — Black Photon — Black Flame — Darkness Illusion — Repel — Energy Drain
  • Style — Zaha is one of the most powerful demons, if not the most powerful. This refers to raw power only, which he can throw energy around excessively without becoming tired, and he can drain other's power for himself, though rarely needing it. He has very little on tactical magic though, and hence has a set-back on Reda. When needing to perform advanced magic, he relies on Rut for the details while providing the power himself.
  • Location — He is not associated with a specific location, though he has an uncanny tendency to ominously float before the full moon.
  • Profession — None really; being an angsty blob of destruction isn't productive enough to qualify as profession.




Zaha is derived from Zahariel, which means "Brightness of God". Zahariel was the angel who would help people resist temptation. This is both ironic and fitting to his character, as he first failed temptation, then become someone who temps others, then someone who helps others resist temptation, and finally somone able to resist it himself too.

Saban Version

  • He is renamed Gabriolis. There are about five different interpretations of his personality, and it can only be concluded that he is clinically insane.
  • Version 1 was an accomplished general of the good side, but wanted to be the supreme ruler. After breaking the trust of the upper kingdom, he was exiled, for which he wants revenge.
  • Version 2 believes he was abandoned by Lark, the leader of the Upper Kingdom and Guardian Angel of the Light. He wants to break the Knight's morals and is most like the original.
  • Version 3 is desperate to find friendship.
  • Version 4 has an undefined vendetta with Mondo, thinks humans are lowlife and doesn't want the items to fall into their hands. He doesn't grasp he indirectly helps another human by trying to kill Mondo.
  • Version 5 is really vague, as he takes the time to explain Mondo things when he asks for it and generally is a lot less violent, only vowing to rob Reda of his powers for his attempt to kill him. He also doesn't grasp he is about to die. This version persists beyond his redemption, when he turns into a full fledged Captain Obvious who constantly states that he is a good guy now.
  • His final attack against the Terror Dread Dragon is Sword of Justice — Red Flame Something Something.