Water Dragon

Name Meaning : Exactly What It Says On The Tin.


The prime dragon of Ariaolo and bond creature of the Wave Arrayed Angel

Of the cardinal four dragons, this is the only one incapable of speech.



Root — Water
Affinity — Water
Spells — ?
Location —
Profession —


10. nagasarete Oh my friend!
17. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights
29. oidemasemase roku mon gakuen
39. oonami koete dai battle !
40. saidaikyuu no muna sawagi !
50. kieru roku mon sekai
51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • In the manga Majuutsukai No Shojo, this dragon appears as a godlike monster, who was sealed to guard the Encyclopedia Verum. Her true name is Vepar, after a demon from the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Saban Version

  • For one episode, this dragon can be heard speaking, commenting on how it likes the outfits of the Mon Colle Knights. In later episodes, it is mute.