Terror Dragon

Name Meaning : Exactly what it says on the tin.

The prime darkness dragon.


First seen when summoned by Reda against Mondo and his allies. He had it absorbed Rokuna into itself and Mondo's allies into the Black Hole. This dragon sports a number of unusual abilities, such as a paralyzing smoke, the ability to grow tentacles and stretch its neck to great lengths.
Rokuna at one pointed gained enough control over its mind to stop it from killing Mondo. Shortly after that, the freed Rokuna and Mondo merged with Zaha and defeated it. Considering this defeat differed from earlier defeats by depicting the monster bursting apart, rather than fading, it can be assumed it died. The next episode depicts it whole again, and Reda uses its body as host for Oroboros.


Tyrant Terror Dragon
The ensuing birth/transformation/chestbursting sees the Terror Dragon bloodily torn to shreds as Oroboros grow out. Only the giant eye is incorporated into the new body. In this form, it gains the ability to mess with time and space : its left eye reverts time, its right eye speeds it up. It still has the ability to grow tentacles, but now must mutilate itself for this.

After Reda's death, it still continued its destructive course, but once destroyed by the Saint Star Dragon, Oroboros was free and returned to its realm.




Root — Demon
Affinity — Demon + Time
Location — Chaos


Saban Version

Renamed to Dread Dragon and later Doomsday Dragon.