This lists the recurring items and their purpose.

Monster Alert

At the start of the show, both Count Collection and professor Hiiragi launched a satellite into orbit of Rokumon Sekai. These satellites detect differences in the shifts winds of the area they cross. While the satellites originally had different tracks, but Count Collection and Ichirobei had calculated nearly the exact same spot for best entrance, so they soon collided. As a result, both teams always end up at the same spot.

Shifts in the magical winds occur when there are large monsters or a great number of monsters. The same area won't pop up twice on the alert unless something changes in these winds.

Beginner and Zaha both figured out the pattern of the appearances and managed to get the Mon Colle Knights to show up by causing a shift through bringing together several strong monsters.

Team Knights

Chicken Detection Machine (Chikin Tanshi Ki)

Suttobi Dragon

Drajuni (Suttobi Dragon Junior)

Team Collection

Buttobi Lion (Warp Jump Lion)

Tan Tan Detection Machine (Tan Tan Tanshi Ki)