Kaze, Wind, or rather said, weather. This element often crosses over into hybrid territory due to water playing a fair part in the weather.

The element is signified by wind and lightning in magic. Its monsters are usually docile and tend to have a playful side.

It is mutually exclusive with Earth and mixes poorly with any other element, sans Water

Wind Realm

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  • 06. — kuuhi bu race da . sora hashire !
  • 09. — jahne datte, ganbaru zou !
  • 13. — gokumare na daibouken !
  • 15. — yozora ni hoe ro ! dragons
  • 19. — atashi no otouto kenta kun !
  • 21. — kuuchuu toshi no dai kessen !
  • 27. — leprechaun de bacchiguu !
  • 38. — kaze to rokuna no fairytale


Battle Spells

Saikrazu Wind
A battle spell that forms a medium strength wind that can hurl away people and undo certain magic

Lightning Bolt
A battle spell that fans out electricity into all directions.