Sha Ba La Boo

The pumpkin carriage is slow, the glass shoes hurt and I'm not the mermaid you're wishing for, but we're having fun enough, let's do it again.
~ Sweet True Love

Ah, love bubbles are in the airing time! This page consists a list of all poster ships, and how they're being fluffy ….. what do you mean, it's a shonen series? Off course there are love bubbles!

Also see Count Crack, Mondonova and Namiko No.

Mondo x Rokuna


The primary (Toy) Ship, Mondo and Rokuna are two cheerful 11/12 year olds who happen to be dating Shojo Manga style in a Shonen universe, with which they frequently get carried away. Outside of the melofluff, they have a pretty solid relation as friends. Having a lot in common, they almost always spend time together, make each other laugh, are able to work together, communicate clearly and can talk over their disputes and resolve them. Mondo frequently hits on other girls and incites Rokuna's fury, but they always make up.
He'll protect her and help her through difficult times, she'll mindrape eldritch abominations for his sake; in short, they make each other strong. It is through this bond that their primary magic works.

RokumonOhTheFLUFF.jpg RokumonAlmostKiss.jpg RokumonAtItAgain.jpg RokumonFluffAgain.jpg RokumonPrepared.jpg RokumonProtectionCute.jpg

Luke x Beginner


Luke and Beginner's relationship is a non-existent one for most of the time. Luke is hopelessly in love, yet cannot confess as shyness overcomes the usually overconfident boy whenever he is around Beginner. This causes him to screw up his magic and Beginner obliviously believes him to be a klutz.
At one point he went on a quest to overcome his weakness so that he could finally confess, but the "courage item" turned out to be a fake and he was still nowhere. It is not until the end of the world that Luke finally conquers himself, after managing to speak some courage into Beginner who fears she is too weak for the spell they need to perform. It works, they lock hands and are able to more perform a massive summoning spell that helps saved the universe.

When combined, their names are a play on the phenomenon of Beginner's Luck.

LukeginnerNervous.jpg BeginnersLuckSheFainted.jpg BeginnersLuckOops.jpg BeginnersLuckSharingPower.jpg BeginnersLuckSharingPower2.jpg BeginnersLuckSuccess.jpg BeginnersLuckNervosityAgain.jpg

In Saban's version, Luke gives a full out confession and it is revealed Beginner knew all along, while in the original he never really spits it out and Beginner has no clue.

Zaha x Ciel


Long before the events of the anime, Zaha and Ciel were engaged. After Zaha's fall and Lark's death, the two were no longer together, but she remained faithful that he might return to himself one day. Till that came to pass, she was his enemy and would ensure to stand in his way whenever possible; Zaha for his part remembered her well and would not harm her, but would not give a chance to be spoken with either.
Once Zaha finally was in a position that did not allow him to fly off easily, Ciel was there to tell Lark's side of the story, ultimately making him accept the truth. Upon seeing his remorse, she forgave him and assured him not to be concerned that his form was a sign of evil, he was still the same she once knew.
Now reconciled, they share the goal of working against Reda and if they are in the same episode, they'll soon be at each others side. In the end, they act as the guardian angels of the holy and demon elements, and the reunion stands symbol to the two realms putting aside their differences.

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In Saban's version, they're brother and sister and not said to be engaged, but their depiction is otherwise the same.

Taco x Tequila

The tragic forbidden love of two brave cactus people, whose love was so forbidden that even the Saban dub refused to air it.

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