Saint Star Dragon

The subject of the final prophecy, the legendary dragon of heaven.


When monsters of all six elements were gathered, setting aside their differences, the skies are set alight. If angels of all six elements give a share of their power, that power will become a gate to heaven and form the dragon from its energies.

Mondo and Rokuna merged with it and took in the energy of all six elements, combining it into a single attack against the Tyrant Terror Dragon. After victory was achieved, the dragon flew to the sky and burst into a star, leaving behind six new Mon Mon Items.


51. kagayaki ha diamond


Root Element — Holy
Affinities — Fire + Wind+ Water+ Earth + Holy + Demon
Location — Heaven


  • This monster was created for the anime and does not exist on the card game.
  • The dragon has a red gem on its forehead, and green eyes. This corresponds to Mondo and Rokuna's color schemes and features.

Saban Version

  • It is renamed Golden Dragon.
  • Here, the originally mute dragon is given a shrieky male voice and is Captain Obvious, like most characters became : "A great evil has descended upon your lands! Give me your power and I will undo it!"