The Saban Angel Arc

For the lulz, let's try to make sense of Saban continuity. For the original history, see the Fallen Angel Arc

Long ago, Gabriolis was injured somewhere and some angel told him he should just save himself now and flew away. Long ago, Gabriolis failed was a prominent general of the Good army and advocate of peace. He believed he should be the supreme ruler and and became dissatisfied. Slowly he fell to the temptation of evil, till one day he somehow broke the trust of the other angels. This led to him being exiled. The angels later came back to build him a grave, despite knowing he was still alive. Long ago, a great war between the angels of Good and the Dark Angels occurred. Lark was the guardian angel of the Light and leader of the Upper Kingdom. His best friend was Gabriolis. During the war, Gabriolis was injured. Lark came down and saw that Gabriolis was injured. As an Guardian Angel with his near limitless teleportation and healing powers, his options were to either heal Gabriolis now or teleport him to safety and heal him later, both which would have been a matter of seconds. He didn't do either of them. Lark then flew away to take Gabriolis' place in battle, apparently forsaking his duties as leader the entire army, and somehow sacrificed himself in a way that won the war. At least, this is assumed since nobody ever saw him again. Meanwhile, Redda comes by and invites Gabriolis to fall, which he readily accepts. He invokes his hate and rage and becomes a Dark Angel.

Completely unrelated, really : in the other universe, a mad scientists discovers a portal to Mon World and brings along his daughter and her boyfriend. Upon arrival, a fortune teller informs them of their special power, to merge with monsters and bring out their strength, and they go on to become heroes while battling off the villainous Count Collection; all the while collecting cards or some vaguely defined concept called Monster Things.
For this purpose, they happen to have a satellite in orbit that responds to any distortion of the magical atmospheres of the world.

15. Fangs For The Knight-mare

One night, Gabriolis left the demon realm to visit his grave, which he only now had learned to exist. He destroyed it and indirectly caused Dopplefanger to be injured. This spurred the Mon Colle Knights into action, who had arrived shortly before in response to the invisible turmoil Zaha's journey caused. Mondo confronted Gabriolis and asked why they couldn't be friends. Seeing him act heroic rubbed Gabriolis the wrong way and he threatened them, but when Prince Eccentro interrupted, they got away. Gabriolis did not pursue.
Later that night he thought over what he had seen, got upset when remembering how he was exiled for having failed as a protector, and destroyed a forest in his rage. However, when he yet later returned to the grave site, he saw Dopplefanger save the children, and they worked together with the dog to defeat Prince Eccentro. When they were about to lose, Gabriolis couldn't help himself and stepped in right when Prince Eccentro was about to unleash a more deadly weapon. Attacking the Katobi Lion with the Black Photon, he gave the children and Dopplefanger a chance to recover while delivering a speech about how it is wrong to threaten innocent life, even though earlier this episode it was mentioned he needs to take life to become stronger and he is pretty strong.
The next morning, the children come to the grave and see him above it. Rockna talks about how he really doesn't want to be evil, and Gabriolis flies away. Lucca tells him the boss won't be happy that he helped them, to which Gabriolis says that he'll handle it and Lucca encourages him to blow up some things to become his old self again.

Gabriolis learns that the children are called the Mon Colle Knights and they go around on the globe, saving people. This annoys Gabriolis, and he decides to teach them that ultimately, everyone will betray their friends in favor of their own life, that's just how the world works. He also learns that they seek the Monster Things, and has Lucca find out the location of one of them, and he figures out what the appearance pattern of the Knights is.

20. Mirror Mirror Off The Wall

Gabriolis defeats the Stone Giant and Lucca hands him the Orb and asks him what he needs it for.

Lucca somehow sneaks into the Hiiragi home and steals three cards from the kid's collection : the Forester The Forest Giant, the Scorch The Fire Monsters and the Sky Flying Stego.

21. Secret Orbs And Spices

[ to be written ]

A seemingly unrelated event occurs : in the Wind Realm, the Mon Colle Knights and Gluko cross paths with the sealed Viperess. A imp who took a liking to Gluko causes it to be unsealed, yet also defeats it. This places Prince Eccentro in possession of a summon card for Viperess, and the Leprechaun becomes Gluko's friend.

Yet another seemingly unrelated event occurs : in the Earth Realm, the Mon Colle Knights cross paths with the Forest Angel, who gets to know them a little and learns of their quest. She will later go on to tell this to the other elemental angels.

And another seemingly unrelated event occurs : while bored, Lucca flies around and comes across the Baseball Giant. He ends up organizing a baseball tournament between the Mon Colle Knights and team Eccentro, giving a prank box as a prize, to which Lucca ultimately falls victim himself. During this, Lucca learns that the Knights have four particular friends : Beginner, Luke, Kahimi and Pegasus.

Redda discovers the seventh realm some time prior to the following episode and that he can Oroboros if he has the Monster Things.

34. Touched By A Mondo I

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35. Touched By A Mondo II

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43. Redda Returns

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43. Calling All Monsters

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44. The Sixth Item

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45. The End Of Mon World As We Know It

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46. The Prophecy Of The Golden Dragon

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