Fire, also known as the root of civilization, contending with the wheel, but in this universe you pluck it from trees and make pillars of it. Oh, and you can attack people with it, but it doesn't actually hurt or leave burn wounds, thanks to the power of Cartoon Physics! Beware if that power should ever turn off ….

This element is signified by raw destructive power, heat being its unique trait. Many of its monsters are aggressive by nature. It is notably rare for the Mon Colle Knights to merge with a fire monster, this having occurred with only three monsters throughout the series.

It is mutually exclusive with Water. It mixes well with Demon and is one of the most popular offensive attacks.

Fire Realm

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  • 01. — sutton de rokumon sekai
  • 08. — bigina-chan ha shoukan jutsushi !?
  • 22. — daikyou . dai yaku . fukou haikaga ?
  • 35. — very maccho na saikyou yuusha
  • 42. — gekitotsu ! ichiroubee VS collection
  • 46. — bakunetsu ! fire dragon
  • 47. — tanjou ! honoo no kyuukyoku dragon


Battle Spells

Meteor Strike
Summons a city-sized meteorite that crashes to the earth.
Users — Beginner. The ogres do not appreciate.

Fire Javelin
Forms several long fire spears.
Users — Coatl

Fire Breath
Forms several long fire spears.
Users — Zaha, Mondo and Rokuna, combining it with Black Flame