The Six Elemental Angels

The Angels of the Four Cardinal Elements

The Yondai Tenshi are a group of four angel who govern and protect the cardinal four elements. Little is known of their duties. Their primary concern is order and not justice, as such they will aid the heroes only insofar it is considered beneficial for their realms.

The Yondai Tenshi are always depicted in a specific order : Fire — Wind — Water — Earth. When aligned clockwise, this sets water opposite of fire and earth opposite of wind, with earth and water (solid elements that fall) being below and the rising elements (fire and air) above. Each of these has a Master Dragon and occasionally other dragons at their service.

Each opposing angel is a contrast to their counterpart : the Forest Angel is petite, pale and über feminine with black hair, while the Storm Angel is tall, tan and burly with white hair.
The Flame and Wave Angels are a different sort of contrast : the Wave Angel knows she looks good, while the Flame Angel is flat as a board and stoic. The former will probe and investigate quietly and has more interest in faith than in reason, while the latter is formal and observant, questions instead of testing and is on the cynical side.

The Guardians of the Holy and the Demon elements

During the final episode, they are joined by Ciel as guardian of Lendir and Zaha as guardian of Dervis, effectively creating the Rokudai Tenshi. This renders a clearer motif : Earth, Water and Holy have feminine guardians, while Fire, Wind and Curse have masculine guardians.