Reda, The Red Death Angel

The archvillain of the series. He has read the Evil Overlord list, but so did the Universe.


Reda has very strong opinions about the what constitutes elemental purity and despises angels, though he doesn't mind using the holy element for his own purposes. He thinks of humans as lowlife and sees morality a taint to a worthy being; he'd rather like to purge the world of it all. He wishes to create a new formless world, which he claims will be free of war and suffering. For this purpose, he seeks the six items : he wants to open a gate to the seventh realm and gain control of Oroboros, so that he can rebirth the world with himself at the center, eternally directing it as a puppet master. He is repeatedly called out for his cause of actions also being detrimental to the demon element, but he doesn't care.

He has a knack for win-win situations; regardless what the outcome of the conflict within Karon was, he would have gotten something he wanted : Mondo and Zaha dead, or the Terror Dragon dead. His compensates for not being the strongest physically being being the best at turning things to his hand. As such, his strength relies on manipulation.

While his actions usually are logical and serve to further his goal, his sadism starts to shine through whenever he has the upper hand. He avoids combat not only when the enemy is stronger, but also when they are weaker; manipulating them is more interesting. His preferred end result is the victim becoming suicidal, though he only becomes interested enough to pursue this if someone has profoundly disgusted him.


He transformed Zaha in hopes of gaining a useful ally, and managed to direct him around for a couple of years, but soon began to consider Zaha a fool driven by rage rather than rationale and thinks of him as pathetic. He still manages to be reasonably polite to him, but only when he needs something. While aiming at Tiamat, he tried to get rid of Zaha and ridiculed him for trusting him; after Zaha survived he began to focus on him as his main enemy. One of the people he loathes enough to address with onore.

Ciel tends to get in his way and he can't just talk her down, the other person he calls onore. When he floored her in the forest, she asked him why he needed the items, which he initially refuses like with everyone else, yet he tells her later when it's too late to change anything. He was not happy when their next meeting involved her snatching his victim right from under his nose, and even less when she did it another time.

During his brief meeting with Count Collection he threatened him, but switched to manipulation the moment he noticed how gullible Count C was.

His interaction with the Knights is limited to how much he can push them around or not. He glosses over them, underestimating them repeatedly. This became his ultimate downfall.


No backstory is known aside of him having been present during the last war between angels and demons. In its aftermath, he found and transformed Zaha, whom he continued to push around a bit for a while, until Zaha left. He also met Ciel some time before the series.


  • 39. oonami koete dai battle !
  • 40. saidaikyuu no muna sawagi !
  • 47. tanjou ! honoo no kyuukyoku dragon
  • 48. kessen ! akaki shin o wana
  • 49. shuuketsu ! muttsu no monmon item
  • 50. kieru roku mon sekai
  • 51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • Root — Demon
  • Affinities — Demon + Fire
  • Spells — Curse Circle — Catastrophy — "Repel"
  • Power — Reda is not exactly the strongest demon around, so he prefers to only directly fight enemies whom have been weakened previously. He does excel at manipulation, be it magical or psychological, and uses both during conflicts. As such, he has accumulated a fair amount of basic minions, whom he trusts with secondary tasks and being canon fodder. Magical manipulation also enables him to seize control of most animal minds. For direct combat he uses a scimitar, magically hidden in his left hand until needed. He rarely uses large scale energy attacks. The moon may turn red when he uses magic. Last, he has the power to interrupt stock footage.
  • Location — He is in possession of Karon, a white desert with a fake sky under the Earth Realm. It can only be entered through one giant gate, therefore Reda always knows who is inside. In its center his castle is in a canyon full of vines, and the sky has colored red due to his presence. Inside the castle, there's only some Gothic arches and ornamental wall decorations, and a magic mirror that can double as teleportation gate. No throne, reception hall, or any shows of power.
  • ProfessionMad scientist and ruler of Karon.


  • When spelled Reda, his name may simply be derived from Red. Alternatively, Reda is the name of an obscure Arabian saint, which might explain why his weapon is a scimitar. When spelled Leda, it stems from the myth of Leda, who laid two eggs from which children sprang.
  • The main attack of the card is entitled Masque Of Red Death. This refers to a short horror story by Edgar Allen Poe. The titular Red Death is a plague embodied, which came to visit Prospero while he held a lavish party while people starved outside. Though having the bleeding skin (see his wings) and mask of the titular red death, Reda himself has more of the role of Prospero, in that he seeks to create his own world, specifically by trying to capture time, yet chased his death and ultimately died under the face of a clock in the seventh room that nobody entered.
  • The Japanese name, Akaki Shi (Red Death) is phonetically similar to Aka Kishi (Red Knight). When replacing the し (shi) of きし (Kishi = Knight) with 死 (death), the sound is the same and the meaning can only be seen when when it's written.
  • There is a rumor that Reda was supposed to be the original elemental angel of the demon realm. This is unfounded. He is however the ruler of the demon realm.

Saban Version

  • The interest in driving people to suicide is removed from this version.
  • The world he wants to create is one that is totally empty, as opposed to ruling a reborn world where everything rotates around him a formless existence. The part where he promises the end of the holy/demon war is also removed.
  • He talks a lot more, yet the things he says are a lot less vicious.
  • Like the rest of the show, Redda considers the dark element to be the embodiment of Evil, which he reveres. This is contrary to the original version who believes morality is pointless and unconnected to the elements that he's going to equally get rid of, light and dark alike.
  • He does not show any sign of respect to Oroboros.
  • He is blamed for the fall of Gabriolis, and lies to Gabriolis about him being abandoned, apparently having watched earlier.
  • His intent at Tiamat's game is first to let Gabriolis defeat the Knights, then to wait out to see who wins so he can steal the item (despite knowing they are from the other universe, having all reason to assume they'll return at once). When Gabriolis attacks Mondo, this is played as if Gabriolis was disobedient, and Redda says he should have obeyed if he wanted to live.
  • It is unclear what his position towards Gabriolis is. At first he wanted him dead so that Gabriolis would not compete with him for ruling the world, yet later he invites him to rule together.
  • He does not hint Spectra Angel about the time master.
  • He claims to have been working on unsealing Oroboros for hundreds of years; even though the dub did have Spectra realize Redda was after something other than an invasion exactly because he only started looking for the items now.
  • He shouts "this can't be, my plan was perfect!" instead of muttering about how the time realm was his only realm and realizing he was defeated because he underestimated the humans.