Poison Toad

A giant toad, much to Rokuna's dismay.


First seen when he was drawn to the racket at the Merboy Choir's beach. He came to help, but Rokuna's fear of him made him rather upset. Mondo persuaded her to merge with the toad anyway, but her fear ended up leaking into the toad. However, the Merboy's song turned the enemies into flies, which the toad eagerly ate.
At a later point, Rokuna summons it again and is still afraid, but this time manages to keep herself under control and is able to work with it properly.


22. ningyo no mahou de bunbunbun!
26. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights


Affinity — /
Spells — /
Location — Merboy's Island
Profession — Animal.


Saban Version

  • Renamed to Toad Warrior.