The master of the Time Realm.


A formless entity who governs the element of time. Normally, a seal between the worlds keeps Oroboros separated from the regular world.

Reda used the six items to bridge into its world and force it into the physical realms to it to reform the world in his image. The ensuing avatar he called the Tyrant Terror Dragon, of which one eye reverts time and another speeds it up.


Root — Time
Affinity — Time


  • This is not an anime only version, but it differs radically from the card game version.

Saban Version

  • The dub can't make up their mind on whether they want Oroboros to be the one in charge or Redda. At times, Oroboros will be referred to as the one who will rule the world, at other times Redda is the one pulling the strings.
  • Oroboros is said to be imprisoned in time and Redda's plan is to revive him; this implies Oroboros was originally not part of the time realm. Yet they also translate the title of Oroboros as ruler of time.