Namiko Gokumare

One of three gag characters, Namiko is the teacher of Mondo and Rokuna's class.


A competent teacher and kind woman, who cares a great deal for her students. Unfortunately, she is unaware of her talents and can only think about finding a husband to marry. This consumes pretty much her entire life and she'll frequently be seen smitten with some random guy she can never get.

She has a great love for cats and makes a habit of feeding strays around her home.

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Boyfriend — NOBODY
Friends — Random cats, Black Tango Cat


Her love for cats ended up working in her favor when she fell into Rokumon Sekai for the first time and came across a group of hostile cat sith, the katnip she carried made them fall in love with her. She ended up helping to protect them, but on their way home, Ichirobei had her fall asleep and she woke up being told it was all a dream. She believed it till she found her monster card, which she had obtained from Count Collection (whose broken Tanchiki identified her).

She made a second trip to Rokumon Sekai while going on a holiday to Germany. After a Cartoon Physics powered tumble, she landed in Count Collection's garden, where she met the Black Tango Cat, who invites her to dance. Then she met Count Collection, whom she promptly fell in blind infatuation "true love" with, despite the Narrator pointing out it wasn't gonna work. Count Collection left for Rokumon Sekai, and Namiko and the Black Tango Cat accidentally hitched a ride. During this, the Black Tango Cat would repeatedly tell Namiko to use her powers to brings herself to safety, to which Namiko objected, believing she had no powers. The two ended up on a wild chase through some caves, till they ran into Count Collection again. Still smitten, Namiko went into fangirl mode, only for Count Collection to recognize her as the monster from months ago. This left her quite shocked, especially when she learned Count Collection was a villain. He ended up attacking her with the Minotaur, and she lost consciousness from the hit. When she woke up, the day had been saved by the Knights and the Black Tango Cat told her to be happy as she was, instead of striving for more, but Namiko wanted to hear nothing of it.

Virtually every episode, but she played a significant role in these :

13. gokumare na daibouken !
45. chou gokumare na daibouken !
48. kessen ! akaki shi no wana


Root — Demon
Affinities — Fire
Profession — Teacher in the Boring Everyday.



Saban Version

This version was renamed Naomi Loon.