Namiko-sensei, the teacher of Mondo and Rokuna's class, one of the three gag characters.

Her name is written as "Very Rare - Average Child".

Voiced by Yuuko Mizutani.


A friendly and helpful woman, concerned for her students and a good teacher, except when she's having melodramatic bouts of woe. She desperately wants to marry and become a good wife, which consumes her mind at every free minute.




Good Wives and Wise Mothers is a cultural ideal in the East, portraying women as being best when in their position as housewife, married to a husband. This is what Namiko strives for, and is desperate for not having. What she does have is amazing powers, and a good influence on her students, but she sees none of that and becomes obsessed with marriage.
Most notable is when she latches onto a badboy in typical fangirl fashion, only for reality to bite hard down that swooning over bad boys is dangerous exactly cause they are bad.
Ultimately, the Black Tango Cat tells her to just be happy as she is, but she still refuses to hear even after nearly being killed by her love interest. Cue painful melodrama. She eventually grows over him though, and by the end of the series seems more interested in adventure than marriage.