Nami Wo Matou Tenshi

Name Meaning : The Angel Who Wears The Waves


The Elemental Angel of Ariaolo, and keeper of the Ariaolo Pearl. It can be speculated she isn't in the job for so long, since Zaha could not recognize her without her wings.

Her general attitude is less open than the Forest Angel, but more than the Flame Angel. She decides to test the Knights to see whether they're worthy, recruiting Tiamat for this purpose. She approaches them, and later Zaha, with concealed wings, during which time she quietly considers everyone's actions. She also tells Zaha what really happened during the war, and possibly summoned Ciel to cement it when he wouldn't believe her. She eventually reveals herself as an angel when she transforms her dragon to fight against Reda.




Saban Version

  • She is renamed Angel Of All Oceans.