As with even the cheapest anime — like this one — there are in possession of lots of J-pop that is hoped to sell on cd. There are three CDs, the Mondo side and the Collection side, as well as two singles. Please mind that these translations are not professional.


Lyrical Pieces

Wordless/Instrumental Pieces

  • Merboy Choir Song
  • Zaha no Theme
  • Hasshin Suttobi Doragon! Doriimu Hooru he
  • Mon Mon Item wo Sagashini
  • Jyaane no Osanpo
  • Chotto ya Kimochi
  • Pegasasu no Hishou
  • Saboten Man to Tequila no Theme
  • Fushigi, Rokumon Sekai he
  • Rokuna, Chotto Buruu
  • Mondo to Rokuna, Ai no Theme
  • Yashira no Takurami
  • Monsutaa Toujou
  • Oitsuku Owaretsu
  • Seigi no Senshi! Monkore Naito
  • Batoru!!
  • Shouri he no Tatakai
  • Yokoku, Soshite
  • Kattobi Lion Hasshin!
  • Count Collection no Theme
  • Kattobi Lion ni Jyoutte
  • Mizase! Rokumon Sekai he
  • Hakushaku no Takurami
  • Batoru! Taose Ichirobi
  • Nigeru no Yoo
  • Chuuzaemon ga Yuku
  • Bara no Kaori

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There is also an additional emphasis on sound, through the use of battle spells. On occassion, casters will accompany these simply by a voiceless hum, to strengthen them. The Songstress of the Flowergarden and the Merboy Choir directly employ music as an offensive, and there are several hidden musical meanings in the names :

  • Presto = A quick musical movement.
  • Sonnet = Lyrical poetry.
  • Shir = Song/Verse
  • Utahime = Songstress
  • Lélé = Lullaby