Mori Wo Tsukushi Tenshi

Title Meaning : Angel Who Loves The Forest

The guardian angel of the earth element.


Like the other cardinal angels, her personal name is never given. She lives in the forest nearby the growth springs, for which she warns the Knights. Later she appears to return Hekatonchires to sleep, summons the Emerald Dragon for the Knights and turns Jahne back to her normal size. She is also the one to explain the kids about the four elemental guardians and their role. Off screen, she would meet with the Wave Arraying Angel and tell her about the quest of the Knights.

Most of her appearance after that is minor. Near the end, she transforms her dragon and leads the earth monsters to share their energy with the Saint Star Dragon.


34. dekadeka dekkai lovestar !?
48. kessen ! akaki shi no wana
50. kagayaki ha daimond
51. kieru rokumon sekai


Root Element — Holy
Affinities — Holy + Earth
Location — Near the growth pools.
Profession — Elemental Angel


Saban Version

Title shortened into Forest Angel.