Monster List

This list is still incomplete! Also, when unaware of the anime variant, the card root element will be used. These are almost always the same as in the anime, but mild variations may occur.

Also see Mythological Origins and Animal Origins. There is also a list of when a given monster appears first.

Civilizations covers the associates cultures some of them hold.

Note that some of these root elements may not match up with the cards that appear in the show. In case of doubt, the narrator and the original card game have priority of those little dots in the corner.

The titles as seen here are the romanized Japanese titles. Note that these are summoning names, and not necessarily the personal names of the monsters.



Tenshi, also called Angels, but best understood as simply inhabitants from Tenkai. While angelic in appearance, they are actually mortal, organic lifeforms. Angels have unique abilities in that they can cause transformation and have vast healing potential. Angels are also required as keys to open heaven.


A widely spread tribe that usually isn't sapient and exists across every element and domain. They do not form cultures.


Cat Sith

A small tribe of exclusively holy monsters. The majority of them serves under the cat king in his castle on wheels, last seen on the border of the Wind Realm.


A tribe consisting entire of wind monsters. They live on the plains in the Wind Realm and have a somewhat Native American culture. They are governed by the Hundred Battle King, who took some of the Forest Angel's water and hence grew to great size.


Not to be confused with the demon element (ma no zokusei), the demons (ma no mono) are a wide variety of monsters, few of which we even get to see in the anime. They can be former angels, born or otherwise created.



Dragons are an unusual type of monster, in that many of them are a single member 'species', which embodies an elemental manifestation. Yet, they can have children, possibly by related members (the Storm Dragon's infant has a significantly different build than its father).

Most dragons are peaceful in nature, with the exception of Coatl, Bahamut and the Lava Drake. The Terror Dragon never had its own mind and hence ended up aggressive as well, and the Fire Dragon has a very …. odd sense of humor.




A tribe without culture, almost always of the Water Element and never of the Fire Element.


Cultural notes : giants tend to live solitary.


Cultural notes :


Harpies are a female only tribe consisting of women with wings for arms. They do not feature prominently in the anime, and can only been seen on the sidelines of the Cloud Islands.


Humans are a widespread but weak species who usually do not have an elemental root and True Name. Their lack of elemental root makes them exceptionally suited for the art of summoning, as they are not limited in summoning whatever energy they need, though they still have affinities. If humans do have elemental roots, they tend to be double.

Cultural notes : They build two-store European houses grouped together in small towns, or even smaller wooden towns. They are generally friendly. Most of them live in the earth realm, though they also have been seen traveling to the water and fire realms, the former for vacations, the latter for harvesting.
The profession of summoner means one begins to train at an early age, spending years to master the art, and will ultimately function as a hired police.

Note : Kiwami's field color is pink, due to her double root element not having a proper in between color.



Cultural notes : Kobolds are a curious species, always in the pursuit of knowledge. They may range from hardened explorers on a quest for treasures ancient cullinary art to oversized scientists in a laboratory.


Magic Creations

A class of artificial lifeforms, created through means of magic and technology.


The catch-all tribe of all ordinary mammals that have become monsters by obtaining a root element. Wolves, hounds, whales, lions and humans however have a tribe of their own due to their prominence.

These creatures are not sapient, though they can be very intelligent.


Biology : Merfolk is largely a weak species, save the occasional individual. They don't have direct combat ability and rely on defensive magic.

Cultural notes : Merfolk, regardless of race, tends to have a love for musical arts, whether it be song, dance or instruments.

Mythic Monsters


In the novels, the orcs are a vast empire and one of the primary six kingdoms ruled by an emperor (yoku fukaki koutei). The anime only alludes to that : after the departure of said emperor, they degraded to a group of lazy soldiers without aim or drive. They have an equally aimless vendetta with the elves, which is never resolved since they always get too tired halfway during their charge and go home.



Plant is a tribe consisting of sentient plants and of dryads. On the card game, they can be of any element, through predominantly earth. The elves of the Green Wind have a special ability to control plant life, in the anime the only one of this brand to appear is Hanazono no Utahime.




A rather violent species, and the one individual seen in the series wasn't too bright either.



The Valkyries are an order of female warriors who ride giant birds and dragons. Currently there is little information on their goals and purpose.