Monster Collection

Monster Collection is the card game branch of the Six Gates franchise.

The card game is one on one and has seven types of cards : Monster, Equipment, Spell, Consumable, Ritual, Summoner and Terrain. Only monster cards, edited to not feature any text, make a physical appearance in the anime. It is not uncommon for the anime's creators to give an otherwise mundane spell a flashier form.

Mythical monsters are primarily inspired by mythology ranging from Scandinavia to Egypt, though a few more eastern type monsters, such as ninetailed foxes and kirins make an appearance. Aside of these, there are animals that exist or have existed, presented in a somewhat altered form.

Monsters can be anything from cutesy to mutant fetuses, cartoonish to Gigeresque. Few cards feature toy like monsters, and the artists are not shy of excessive violence/gore and moderate female nudity. As such, the card game is to be considered 16+ material.

A child friendly version was released on base of the anime : Official Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knights Trading Card Game.

Group SNE is fiercely protective of their art and prohibits images of the cards to be online.