Mon Colle Knights Manga

The Mon Colle Knights manga was written by Hideaki Nishikawa. Unlike the novelizations, it takes a very different road with how the world works and uses only the core cast of the anime.

The first three volumes are episodic, while the fourth deals has a grand finale.


The heroes consist of Mondo, Rokuna and Ichirobei, along with Jaahne, while the antagonists consist of Count Collection, Guuko and Batchii, along with Leprechaun later.

Characters from the anime to appear are Namiko, the Green Wind King, Sonnet and a few others in minor background appearances.

Volume 1 Synopsis

Volume 2 Synopsis

Volume 3 Synopsis

Volume 4 Synopsis

Notable Differences Between The Worlds

In this setting, the Mon Mon Items activate merely by their presence together, rather than being used in a specific spell. Bringing them together rips open the dimensional walls and sends the planets of the two worlds into collision. No clear explanation is given on why.

… to be continued.