Mon Colle Knights

The titular Monster Collection Knights are the two lead characters, Mondo and Rokuna. Their names are written with the same kanji that make up the word Rokumon : 六 (6) and 門 (mon/gate).

They received their title from Ichirobei, but unbeknown to the professor, their entrance to Rokumon Sekai also granted them a unique power : with the phrase Adara Kadara Buu they would be able to merge with any given monster that permitted them. Through this, they would be able to aid the monster in combat, but also suffers its pain. Of such they were informed by the Fortune Telling Lady, who also informed Rokuna of her newly acquired sixth sense. All this was part of a convoluted defense mechanism of the universe itself, since while free will was nice, sometimes things went very wrong.

Mondo and Rokuna have no knowledge of the gambit and simply act on who they are, protecting the monsters while questing for the six items that can unite their own world with that six gates universe. Both children share the same dream of seeing the worlds live in harmony and introducing their people to the beauty of the rokumon world.

They generally go about their way, defeating Count Collection one way or another. Ichirobei's vendetta with Count Collection is a little mirrored in Batchii and Mondo, while Guuko is too oblivious to ever engage in a rivalry with Rokuna.

Along the way, they meet the angels and their dragons, who eventually decide to help them along on their quest.

Below is a list of all the monsters they have merged with.

They have most often merged with water monsters, counting 10 times with 8 different monsters. Earth and Wind are about equal, while Holy is a little less common and Fire and Demon a lot less common.

# Monster Merge Monster Element Primary Antagonist
01. Teppuou Water Collection & Co
02. Mist Dragon Water Collection & Co
03. Forest Giant Earth Collection & Co
04. Poison Toad Water Collection & Co
05. Trent Earth Collection & Co
06. Pegasus Wind Collection & Co
07. Green Wind King Earth Collection & Co
08. / / Collection & Co (sorta)
09. Female Rokh Wind Collection & Co
10. Water Dragon Water Collection & Co
11. / / Things kinda went silly here.
12. Moth ?? Collection & Co / Mirror Bug
13. Sky Wyvern Wind Collection & Co
14. Garuda Holy Collection & Co
15. Storm Dragon Wind Collection & Co
16. / / Collection & Co
17. / / Collection & Co
18. / / Collection & Co
19. Hundred Battle Centaur King Wind Collection & Co
20. Orthros Fire Collection & Co / Zaha
21. White Yeti Wind Cyclops
22. Water Elemental Water Bronze Golem
23. Demon Faction Holy Collection & Co
24. Salamander Fire Collection & Co
25. Hanazono No Utahime Earth Collection & Co
26. Water Elemental Water Zaha
27. Emu Wind Collection & Co
28. Sea Giant Water Collection & Co
29. Lemming Wind Collection & Co
30. / / Collection & Co
31. Pearl Princess Water Collection & Co
32. Chameleon Dragon Water Collection & Co
33. Garuda Holy Haunted Vampire
34. Emerald Dragon Earth Hekatoncheires
35. ? ? /
36. Forest Giant Earth Collection & Co / Ruth
37. Valkyrie Rookie Soldiers Holy Collection & Co
38. / / Collection & Co / Pazuzu and Bahamut
39. / / Collection & Co / Reda / Zaha
40. Water Dragon Water Collection & Co / Reda
41. Simurgh Holy Collection & Co / Stone Giant
42. Emerald Dragon Earth Collection & Co
43. Hippotamus Water Collection & Co
44. Forest Giant Earth Grand Golem
45. Black Tango Cat Holy Collection & Co
46. Fire Dragon Fire Collection & Co
47. Fire Dragon Fire Reda
48. / / Reda
49. Zaha Demon Reda
50. Fire Dragon Fire Reda
51. Saint Star Dragon Holy Reda