While nobody is quite sure what Moe is, it usually involves huge eyes and basic types of cute, childish behavior that inspires parental instincts. Depending on nature, one may be indifferent, endeared or hating it. Alternatively, it is merely an art style. Or a harem type. Or a voice type. Not even the creators seem to know.

The show's art style for anyone of 18 years or less is moe, with great emphasis on huge eyes and tiny mouths. Given it is an entry in the Mon Genre, generally perceived as a shonen genre, this is rather unusual. Speculation leads one to believe the creators knew the show was going to flop so they appealed to the otaky crowd. If only they hadn't ridiculed said crowd.

Moe behavior often entails severe clumsiness, verbal tics and squeakiness, which can be quite the problem when one lives in a magical world. At the very least, it tends to annoy the regular cast.

Moe situations often see the characters in a suffering position, needing some form of rescue and assuring. Mondo tends to see every cute girl he meets this way, though all too often the distress isn't as dramatic, or existing, as he thinks.

Regardless of how one defines moe, a fact is that a fandom exists for it. If one wishes to employ it, one must undergo a series of tests to obtain license; a security measure against pedobear. It should be noted that breach of this license will result in exposure to the Patron Saint of Anti-Lolicon.

For now, the art style will be used as definition, with a bit of text aside to elaborate on Moeity.

Utahime wins points in the moe department by being making her first appearance as vulnerable and in need of rescue. She swoons over Mondo, who offer said rescue and spends all her time waiting with her thoughts on him. Cue Count Collection coming to destroy her flowers and make her cry. After she does get her powers back, not much of the moe set up is left. The next episode even goes on the ridicule it by giving her a curse that makes her perpetually happy, thus negating any "sorrowful suffering" element. She wins more confidence each episode, to the point where she fearlessly faces demons and slaps sense into other people for letting emotion cloud their judgment.
Pearl Princess Art style? Yes. Behavior? No.
Batchii Well, she's the underdog and …. oh, who are we kidding? Farthest cry from moe as a girl can be. Butch, tomboy, works out in the gym, skilled mechanic, rude, will hand you your ass if you try to cuddle her.
Valkyrie Rookies
Forest Angel