Generally called Sei (holy).

This element is signified by healing and holy hand grenades. Most of its monsters are benign, but strangely prone to morally gray behavior, if they aren't outright upsetting the balance of nature.

It is a compatible element with Demon.

Tenkai (Heaven)

This realm is never visited in the anime, but it is alluded to as Sei No Sekai (world of saints or holy world) and Tenkai (heaven). Only one glimpse during a narrative is seen, it appears to be a typical fluffy cloud heaven, populated by angels. Every other type of holy monster lives elsewhere, sans the Saint Star Dragon. Like Makai, this lies in a pocket dimension.


The Flame Angel's valley is technically part of the fire realm, but its grounds are rooted in the Holy Element.


Battle Spells

Magic Shield
A battle spell that forms a spherical shield of yellow energy.
Users — Flame Angel, Ciel

Dispel Magic
A battle spell that cancels out Curse magic within a certain area.
Users — Ciel

A battle spell that restores energy and health to anyone.
Users — Wave Angel, Ciel

Night Before Armageddon
A miracle spell that can cancel out Black Hole.
Users — Luke + Beginner.

Heaven's Breath
A miracle spell that can cancel out Black Hole.
Users — Mondo and Rokuna through the Saint Star Dragon.

Saban Version

The element is renamed Goodness. All instances where light magic is used for not-so-good purposes are censored away and it is presented as a spiritually cleansing force.