A flashback character, who is nonetheless pretty important. Zaha believed he had been abandoned by Lark, but truth proved otherwise.


The older brother of Ciel and once-best friend of Zaha.

Virtually nothing is known about his personality or history. Like his sister, he seems to fall to silent when faced with personally troubling matter and does not speak of it. In this case, his imminent kamikaze mission.

Apparently knows Orthros enough to clarify what he means with the nod of a head, though Zaha doesn't know him as well as he should. Lark on his turn probably was a good friend, with the whole dying for him and all.


Lark first appeared standing over Zaha when he had fallen down. He did not respond to Zaha's pleads, only nodded to Orthros and flew away, regretfully looking back on Zaha. He left to lure away an approaching flock of demons, so that they would not descend and finish off Zaha; by ignoring Zaha and leaving him it would seem from the distance as if he had concluded the angel of the ground was dead, hence not worth checking out. He succeeded luring them away, and died of injuries in the presence of his sister.

  • 20.
  • 26.
  • 40.


  • During Zaha's flashbacks Lark is seen with glowing wings and initially a darkened face, while during Ciel's retelling of the same events, Lark lacks the glow. This could indicate that Zaha's view of Lark wasn't entirely clear, perhaps more idealized in that he had certain expectations that Lark could not live up to; after all he was just a regular angel.
  • There is no corresponding card to this monster, he is an anime only creation.

Saban Version

  • The first version of Lark was the angel who exiled Gabriolis for having failed as a guardian.
  • The second version of Lark was the best friend of Gabriolis, leader of the army and guardian angel of the holy element, who left Gabriolis to take his place in battle. It may be presumed that he was not quite right in the head, since he forgot that as an elemental guardian he has limitless teleportation and instant healing powers, and that as a general it would be a really bad move to take the place of an ordinary soldier. Spectra Angel claims he made it possible for the war to be won, but also claims he was never seen again, which is unlikely if he was leading the army to victory. She also claims that she knows the reasons for his departure, despite that he was never seen again and hence didn't get to talk to anyone. Alternatively, Spectra Angel is simply lying and Lark really did abandon Gabriolis.