Kiwami, Sazan's Queen of the Cuisine

An girl whom the Knights encountered during a cooking contest.


Kiwami came to the islands to participate in a contest for the title of king/queen of the kitchen, but is very insecure about her abilities to do so.
Mondo immediately hit on her and Ichirobei seemed smitten too. She befriends Rokuna, who gives her the willpower that she lacked and helps her throughout the contest. Ultimately, she won it, using the Electric Eel for a recipe.


Root — Water + Demon
Affinity — /
Spells — /
Locations — Traveler
Profession — Cook


  • This is the only human monster from the card game to make it to the anime, though not the only human that appears, the other being Namiko Gokumare.
  • She is also the only double root element monsters to appear in the anime.
  • Sazan is the core city of the human kingdom from the original Rokumon setting. It does not appear in the anime, and the monster's title is not mentioned except in the info bit on the DVD extras.

Saban Version

Renamed Esmeralda.