Name Meaning : Fairies

A group of nature spirits who stand guard over the seal on Bahamut and Pazuzu.


They first appeared to warn Count Collection of the danger of the seal, only to be swatted away. Mondo later nearly stepped on them, and the fairies wrongly believed they belonged to Count C's team and begged them to return the seal. When Mondo and Rokuna succeeded in doing so, they apologized and offered a favor, which Rokuna took by requesting they pose for a picture, hence fulfilling a long time dream of hers.

The primary three serve as speakers for the group and also seem to be the strongest.With their combined strength, they performed a spell that managed to keep Bahamut and Pazuzu separate for a certain time without the seal.


Root — Wind
Affinity — /
Spells —
Location —
Profession — Seal Guardians.


Saban Version