This anime was created on a starvation budget, and supervision was poor. Putting aside QUALITY, there are several minor continuity problems in the series that result from poor exchange of notes. However, if a seeming inconsistency can be logically explained within the established rules, it will not be listed.

For dub induced inconsistencies, go to Saban Entertainment.

Monster Inconsistencies

  • Utahime's card defines her as wind elemental, but her merging sequences depicts her as earth elemental. Earth is her root in the actual game.
  • Tiamat's card defines her as holy elemental, but the information bit at the end assigns her to the water element. Water is her original root in the actual game.
  • The White Yeti's card defines it as wind elemental, but the merging sequences as holy elemental. Wind is its root in the actual game.

Art Blunders

  • The Forest Giant has no consistent size, ranging from the size of an average tree to being large enough to carry the Stove Dragon under one arm.
  • Orthros likewise has no consistent size, ranging from pony to rhino size.
  • In episode 51, Zaha's missing shoulder plate reappears for one shot after the kids defeated Oroboros.
  • In episode 50, Reda's wings are gray for one shot.
  • In episode 40, while Zaha is lying on his back part of his leg is not colored in.
  • In episode 40, shortly before Mondo arrives an exhausted Rokuna looks up, the background is green despite her being on a silvery surface with fog in the background.


  • In episode 49, Count Collection holds both the Gringul Orb and the Akuma Wand, but they do respond to each other as they should.
  • In episode 28, the kids use mouthheld devices to breathe underwater. But in episode 31, they need the White Dolphin's magic to go underwater.


  • In episode 24, Rokuna hits Mondo with lightning and he actually is hurt, becoming a shriveled, crawling corpse and remaining so for a while.
  • In episode 32, Rokuna is completely surprised by a massive reptile walking up from behind her, which she somehow neither heard nor sensed.


  • In episode 4, the Poison Toad eats all the Gillmen turned into flies. While they were not in control of the Toad, their lack of care for pointless death does not match up.
  • In episode 24, the Knights kill the Electric Eel rather than merely detaching the Katobi Lion to set free the monster.
  • In episode 32, they consider stealing an item they suspect to be a Mon Mon Item, despite episode 03 end episode 16 specifically condemning theft. They do get called out for it, though.

Episode 24 and 32 were written by a guest writer, possibly the reason these episode are somewhat out of touch with the rest.