Ichirobei Hiiragi

Dah Professor of HAM.


Unlike Mondo and Rokuna, he does not have a particular love for Rokumon Sekai, but is entirely consumed with the fame it can bring him.



He divorced his wife long ago, as she was dissatisfied with being neglected. He got custody of Rokuna somehow, possibly because with his former position as a school teacher, he seemed more fit to take care of her.

He has worked at the school Rokuna still attends, but has since left the job to throw himself on studying Rokumon Sekai. For a while he worked alongside Count Collection, but their childish natures clashes and they went their own ways.

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Saban Version

  • This version does not have fantasies about finding a new wife and does not hand out pamphlets for this purpose, nor does he read magazines on beachwear.
  • Despite being a scientist, this version has no idea that knots = miles for vessels in "fluid" space (seafaring, aviation), and are only applied on animals when they are nautical. When talking about flying lifeforms, we talk about ordinary miles per hour. We do not bother with knots or sky miles when calculating scientific formulas on lift by feathered wings. That fall under aerial locomotion.