A vampire who neither burns nor sparkles in the sunlight.


Ordinarily sealed in his coffin, but when Count Collection came by he used the chance to possess him. Like Count Collection, he wants to obtain the Mon Mon Items. However, some parts of Count Collection still shine through, as he remembers Batchii and Guuko and has no intent of harming them. Alternatively, Vampire Collection may just be Count Collection with a spine.

After setting the Knights through a trial, he is ultimately defeated by their garlic breath.


Root — Demon
Affinity — Demon
Location — His haunted castle in the earth realm.
Profession — Being a count?


  • The idea of a vampire being a spirit that possesses people goes back all the way to original mythology of the vampire, where the monster was essentially a corpse possessed by a malicious spirit, intent on eating people but having no particular like for blood. Likewise, the ability to withstand sunlight rather than burning in them is from Bram Stoker's novel, the idea of sunlight killing vampires is as new as Nosferatu.
  • The official card name is Haunted Vampire, but the anime merely calls it Vampire.

Saban Version

Renamed into Count Dragula.