Hanazono No Utahime

Title Meaning : Songstress Of The Flowergarden

An elf who is one of the closest friends of the Mon Colle Knights, usually addressed as Utahime-san. She is referred to as a princess during her brief cameo in the movie.

Midori no Kaze no Uta is both her theme song and magic song.


She is a gentle person, a little insecure but also intelligent and sensible. Flowers are very dear to her, as they are the purest expression of the green wind. She is caught in dreams at times and can be melancholic, making the laughter curse she once caught quite ironic.

Through her interaction with the Knights, she slowly sheds her insecurity and becomes brave and steps up to meet problems, rather than running away from them.


Friends — Mondo, Rokuna, Pegasus

She has a crush on Mondo, whom she refers with the affectionate "Mondo-sama", however, she knows he is with Rokuna and does not pursue him. Once the make-shift band of heroes forms, she functions a bit like a big sisters to them. It also appears she has befriended Pegasus some time after meeting the Knights, as he knows where she lives and they tend to stick together.


She lives in a secluded valley, inhabited by giant insects that keep in check the plantlife she brings to life. Her initial appearance saw her cursed by a parasite that lived in her magic, causing her to fall into a depression as life died around her. Her second appearance saw her cursed with, ironically, the opposite : she could not stop laughing, and hence not defend herself through song. Her third appearance sees her participate in a baseball tournament, after being summoned by Mondo.

She is one of the first monsters to appear and help Mondo against Reda. During this, she slapped a frantic Mondo back to his senses, only to be sucked into the Black Hole. Mondo attempted to save her, but when she saw he might get sucked in as well, she thanked him and let go of his hand. In the final episode however, she reappears on Pegasus' back.


  • 12. kimi no egao wo mou ichido
  • 25. kimi no egao wo nido sando
  • 36. iwa yuru hitotsu no giant !?
  • 48. kessen! akaki shi no wana
  • 49. shuuketsu ! muttsu no monmon item
  • 51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • RootEarth
  • AffinitiesWind
  • Spells — Plant Wall • Green Wind Song • Sakraizu Wind • Jet Stream
  • Power — Her power is predominantly about making things grow, but with some inventiveness she can use it in combat. Her prefer method is raising a wall of giant vines, which she can also form as elevation platform for herself.
  • Location — Her home valley contains several large giant insects, some so large as mammoths. Hive insects are not included, as there would be too many of that size. Most insects are of ordinary size, but in greater number than in regular environments. There are also some giant serpents. This keeps the vast amounts of plantlife in check, because Utahime's song draw so much Green Wind together that trees can grow even on barren rock. The insects, the plants and her song are in steady balance. Her sky is always a gentle violet color, regardless of whether it is day or night, but during sunrise is briefly becomes pink and yellow.
  • Profession — Attendant of her own valley, one supposes.




  • In the Mon Colle Kids manga, she appears to have taken human form and visits Mondo and Rokuna's school in this disguise. Saki means Hope Blossom, and her dub name, Kahimi, is the name of a Japanese singer.

Saban Version

  • She is given a personal name, Kahimi, and her title is Voice Of The Green Wind.
  • In the English version, her song is replaced with a wordless wail, with a somewhat Celtic hymn in the background. Other version use the (far more professional) background hymn as the main song, rather than letting the voice actors attempt to sing when they cannot.