Count Collection's breezy lackey, whose primary purpose is to provide exposition. As a rule of the universe, she almost never gets hurt, and Fate will always places something in between, should harm come her way.


Guuko could easily be summed up with airhead, save for the point that she actually is fairly intelligent. But since bad things never happen to her, she is utterly incapable of grasping the concept of danger and evil. The only misfortune she understands is that of circumstances, such as the "tragedy" of Taco and Tequila or Rokuna's dress caught on a branch.

Most of her job is spent reading about the Rokumon Sekai and explaining things to Count Collection and Batchii, or at one occasion deciphering ancient runes. And if Count Collection doesn't want to move, she'll trick him into doing so.
Throughout all this, she is perpetually cheerful and says ara and desu wa a lot, and basically has fun all the way. Essentially, someone who is intelligent yet lacks all the negative experience and emotional maturity that makes such a person truly world savvy.


Friends — Count Collection, Batchii, Leprechaun, the Universe

She likes everyone and is polite and friendly, simple as that. She is a bit more likely to keep to herself where Batchii seeks Count Collection's company, even outside of the training sessions.

Chuzaemon never punishes her, and in fact barely acknowledges her existence. Sometimes she participates in his training, if she considers it fun.


No known history at all.


An insane amount of luck.


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Manga Version

Has an impossibly huge chest, has no smart moments and no traits beyond obliviousness.

Saban Version

  • Any moment that betrays she is quite lucid is removed. Instead, she spouts and endless stream of nonsense. She likes Tchaikovsky.
  • Gluko failed to pass the exam for her driver's license three times, which is given as reason for why only Batch pilots. Apparently, she could not park in a small space. No explanation is given for why she needs a car's driver license for an airplane or for why Eccentro needs to ask her why he himself never let her pilot.