Gremlins are a species of misfortune inducing spirits, who have taken a particular liking to Count Collection.


Presumably the first Gremlin sneaked aboard the Katobi Lion in episode 01. Upon discovering it much later, Count Collection figured it was to blame for his perpetual bad luck and tried to get rid of it, unsuccessfully. The Gremlin was throw out of the Katobi Lion in the Fire Realm, but continued stalking Count Collection all the way into the temple where its kin was sealed. When the lot of them was unsealed, all of them moved into Count Collection's castle, though he never found out why his bad luck continued.

Interesting to note is that the one instance in the series where Count Collection did not have bad luck — episode 26 saw him obtain the Gringul Orb — was when an angel had cast Dispel Magic and so canceled out all curses in the area.


Root — Demon
Affinity — ??
Location — Originally sealed in the Fire Realm, but went on to go where ever Count C went.
Profession — Does fate's unwitting servant count?


Saban Version

They were renamed into Grimbats.