Forest Giant

Name Meaning : Exactly what it says on the tin


03. dokan to gekitotsu giant!
26. yami no kirema nikakaru niji
36. iwa yuru hitotsu no giant !?
44. sasurai no tantantanchiki

17. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights
48. kessen ! akaki shi no wana
49. shuuketsu ! muttsu no monmon item
51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • RootEarth
  • AffinityEarth
  • Spells
  • Location — The sandstone formations. The sky over his forest is always green.
  • Profession — None


  • The magic potion, the Gaulic look and even the manner in which his battle style is animated are probably a reference to the comic Asterix. Further, his extreme dislike for violence, where the Ghauls in Asterix enjoy it, can be seen as a bit of criticism.
  • His home area is inspired by the Painted Hills, however, unlike such geological areas, the hills are surrounded by forest.

Saban Version

  • Somehow, he talks with his mouth closed.