Elf Madou Kougekitai

Name Meaning : Sorcerous Elf Corps


A group of elven warrior women who protect the Green Wind King. They know their way around ranged combat and are very swift, but terribly afraid of dirt and sweat should it get too close. As elves in general, they consider it their duty to protect forests.

Their leader is named Sonnet, one of the few monsters given an individual name in the series. She is capable of using battle spells.

07. shou sui naa itsuha o^kushon !?
38. kaze to rokuna no fairytale

16. nanka arisona arisona sabaku !?
17. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights
24. ai no ryouri hachoppiri kageki !?
51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • RootEarth
  • AffinitiesWind
  • Spells — Sleep · Lightning Bolt (Sonnet only)
  • Power — They depend on ranged combat and agility.
  • Location — Their forest.


Saban Version