Episode List

First are listed the original Japanese episodes. Aside of them will be their dubbed counterpart. Some of the latter titles will be duplicate due to the tendency of cutting episodes to the point of there not being enough left, and hence two episodes were combined into one.

The dub episode order is that as seen on Jetix and its site once it streamed the series, and the DVD releases. However, the airing order was yet again a little different, for example moving episode 33 into an earlier position ( 04 or 09, unsure ) to coincide with Halloween.

For any new comer here : the plot revolves around the collection of six magical items, which the Mon Colle Knights wish to use to let the two universes be bridged so that monsters and magic can safely cross over into the human world. Since Count Collection also pursues this goal, but with world domination in mind, they clash often. A third party appears near the end and screws them both over.

For any one only vaguely familiar with the dub : no, the heroes are not motivated by collecting cards, monsters do not come out of cards, cards do not give someone control over a monster and they do not go to the Six Gates Universe to protect the monsters from Prince Eccentro, that is only a side effect.

01. sutton de rokumon sekai 01. Just Another Mon-day
02. jahne to bakari ni lovestar 01. Just Another Mon-day
03. dokan to gekitotsu giant! 03. The Giant and The Steed
04. ningyo no mahou de bunbunbun! 02. Send In The Frogs!
05. koi no hana saku senorita X X
06. kuuhi bu race da . sora hashire ! 03. The Giant and The Steed
07. shou sui naa itsuha o^kushon !? 09. Pork Bellies and New Beginnings
08. bigina-chan ha shoukan jutsushi !? 09. Pork Bellies and New Beginnings
09. jahne datte, ganbaru zou ! 08. Lovestar Can Help Too
10. nagasarete Oh my friend! 06. Friend of Phobia
11. hotte mayotte okko chiruu ~ 12. Under The Temple and Into Hot Water
12. kimi no egao wo mou ichido 10. To See You Smile Again
13. gokumare na daibouken ! 07. Mrs Loon's Big Adventure
14. ousama hao atsui nogao suki ? 12. Under The Temple and Into Hot Water
15. yozora ni hoero ! dragons 11. Beginner and The Snow Ram
16. nanka arisona arisona sabaku !? 04. These Boots Were Made For Flying
17. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights 05. The Dream Team
18. panchipanchi de knockdown ! 13. Knockout Punch-Punch
19. atashi no otouto kenta kun ! 14. Oh Brother
20. kuroi tsubasa ga yami ni mau ! 15. Fangs for the Knight-mare
21. kuuchuu toshi no dai kessen ! 16. A Giant Pain In The Mondo
22. daikyou . dai yaku . fukou haikaga ? 17. Eccentro in the Temple of Dumb
23. aa akogare no ju^n . bride 18. Ring-a-ding-ding
24. ai no ryouri hachoppiri kageki !? 19. The Eel Thing
25. kimi no egao wo nido sando 20. Mirror Mirror Off The Wall
26. yami no kirema nikakaru niji 21. Secret Orbs And Spices
27. leprechaun de bacchiguu ! 22. Something Snakey This Way Comes
28. paraiso beach de naminori ri sama^ 23. Try, Try,Triathlon
29. oidemasemase roku mon gakuen 24. Experts Beginning Knights
30. mahou shugyou da mon colle knights 25. Practise Makes Messes
31. umi no oshiro no ningyohime 26. Ogopogo Gone Loco
32. bara no oheya no daisakusen 27. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
33. dokkiri kan no vampire 28. The Vampire Strikes Back
34. dekadeka dekkai lovestar !? 29. Attack of the Fifthy Foot Lovestar
35. very maccho na saikyou yuusha 30. One Step Ogre The Line
36. iwa yuru hitotsu no giant !? 31. The Mon World Series
37. o yaku ni tatsu desu ! valkyrie 32. Fowl Play
38. kaze to rokuna no fairytale 33. Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary
39. oonami koete dai battle ! 34. Touched By A Mondo I
40. saidaikyuu no muna sawagi ! 35. Touched By A Mondo II
41. luke no lovelove daisakusen ! 36. Sheep Trick
42. gekitotsu ! ichiroubee VS collection 37. All You Need Is Lava
43. osoujishimasu kikimora 38. Cleanliness is next to Mondoness
44. sasurai no tantantanchiki 39. Grin and Bear It
45. chou gokumare na daibouken ! 40. Loon Struck
46. bakunetsu ! fire dragon 41. That Worm Feeling
47. tanjou ! honoo no kyuukyoku dragon 42. Redda Returns
48. kessen ! akaki shi no wana 43. Calling All Monsters
49. shuuketsu ! muttsu no monmon item 44. The Last Monster Item
50. kieru roku mon seai 45 The End Of Mon World As We Know It
51. kagayaki ha daimond 46. The Prophecy Of The Golden Dragon