Saban's Characters

This is a list of the GLORIOUS IMPROVEMENTS made by Saban Entertainment regarding the characters.

Rokuna = Rockna

Character changes include predominantly making her more bitchy, and at one point she remarks on finding the Wave Angel cute.

Any mention of her loneliness is cut.

She makes a lot of remarks in the stereotypically highly intelligent vein, and likes to read on Physics.


Many of his originally parody hero moments are played serious. His girl obsession is less extreme in expression, but he thinks about them more frequently.

Where the original Mondo is kind and reaches out to Zaha, dub Mondo literary tells him to get lost. He also apparently has a vendetta with Gabriolis over something.

He never becomes suicidal during the final episodes, instead he is just very occupied in his thoughts and didn't see the dragon coming. He peptalks himself very quickly with : "It's time to stop dwelling on my mistakes".


He is not slightly perverted, and doesn't hand out pamphlets to find a wife.

Jahne = Lovestar

She now has the name of her species, Lovestar.

Count Collection = Prince Eccentro

Character changes include being a time traveler from the 12th Century who just arrived in the future, despite having gone to school with Ichirobei, where he got kicked out due to Ichirobei telling the teachers he was cheating. They never worked together.

Prince Eccentro is not gay, except in the island episode. Where Count C is delusional and just fantasizes about kissing Mondo, Prince Eccentro wants to abduct him and "raise chinchillas like true friends" with him.

He receives evil villain training from Tanaka, rather than manliness training.

Guuko = Gluko

Any instance where she shows comprehension or intelligence is removed. Instead of her trademark ara, Gluko endlessly talks and spouts lame jokes. She is a fan of Tchaikovsky.

Batchii = Batch

Mostly the same, slightly less obvious she is an underdog due to some cuts.

Utahime = Kahimi

Entirely the same, amazingly enough. Except the English dub, where she got this awful sounding song. Other dubs avoid this though.


No particularly large changes known.


No particularly large changes known.

Zaha = Gabriolis

Where to start? Depending on the episode, prior to redemption he is :

* Exiled for having failed as a guardian and seeking revenge for that.
* Abandoned in war by Lark, who took his place. This version lacks the racism and reaction formation, he just wants to prove Mondo friendship sucks. He doesn't mind handing them the items they seek.
* Having a personal vendetta with Mondo and racist views against humans, wanting to ensure they don't get the items. He wants to kill Mondo, but not Reda.
* Desperately in search of friendship.

Beyond that, he is a hypocrite, accusing Lucca of sticking with Reda right after Lucca gave him a tearful greeting. He doesn't swear, but he talks all the time. Prior to redemption he does a lot of melodramatic talk about suffering, after that he keeps stating that he is good now.

He also tends to remark on how Lark loved him so much, and Spectra Angel is his sister.

He never talks Mondo out of his suicidal mood, instead just states a lot of generic things like "I am here to help you rescue Rockna" and "You find Rockna while I keep the Dread Dragon distracted" and so on.

Ciel = Spectra Angel

Spectra Angel has outspoken views about how great the Light is and how the darkness is evil and should be hated and forsaken. Joining forces at the end was only a matter of exception that should not be repeated, because the separation is what is natural.

She has the ability to talk with her mouth closed, and she tends to lie. For example, she claims she knows what happened to Lark (that he sacrificed himself), while simultaneously claiming nobody knows what exactly happened to him. She states a lot that Gabriolis is her brother and has no relation to Lark. Her relation with Gabriolis still looks as it does in the original otherwise.

Reda = Redda

He lacks any sort of motivation and just wants to destroy the world cause he is evil. He also openly states that he finds Rockna attractive.

Rut = Lucca

No particularly large changes known.


Depending on episode, he is either of these two :

* The angel who exiled Gabriolis
* The leader of the holy realm and the guardian angel of the holy element, who took the place of Gabriolis in battle, yet somehow forgot that he had teleportation powers, being an archangel and all, and could have just teleported Gabriolis to safety. Never mind there is no mention of having to bait away anything, so he had plenty of time to explain things to Gabriolis, especially since as a leader, he should be accustomed to speaking in difficult situations. But no, he doesn't.

Rokuna's Mother

Originally, she abandoned Ichirobei for being neglected.

In the dub, she was still around during Rokuna's childhood, being totally invisible and apparently breaking the femurs of little children to land her daughter a role in the school play.