Also called Curse, Yami (darkness) and most frequently Ma (demon). The element's official title, Deruvisu, may derive from Dervish, درویش, which ironically, or not, associates it with wisdom.

An element signified by shadows and mind control. Most of its monsters are in service of Reda, and act malicious on his behalf. Outside of that, its monsters range from benign to pranksters to malicious. It is the rarest for the Mon Colle Knights to merge with, with only two attempts, one of which failed through outside circumstance.

It mixes well with Holy and Fire.

Makai (Demon Realm)

This location is only visited once during the series, namely its governing core Karon. Karon is a vast white desert with a few mountains at the horizon, perpetually clouded and canyon somewhere in its horizon. Here and there dead trees stand.
Within the canyon are likewise dead vines. A castle is in their midst, elevated on a vaguely tree like structure. This is where Reda lives, and his presence has turned the normally gray clouds to black and red.



  • 49. — 6th mon mon itemu


Battle Spells

Energy Drain
A whirling set of black energy streams with a vampiric function, as the title makes obvious.
Users — Zaha.

Black Flame
Fire, except black. How much damage it does depends on the wielder's will, so it can tear rock apart, while leaving a living creature alive but damaged. Tends to do internal damage too and gives off excruciating heat.
Users — Zaha, Reda.

Black Photon
A set of sizzling black spheres that electrocute the target.
Users — Zaha

Darkness Illusion
A field of lightning that paralyzes the target and disables them from using their root element's energy.
Users — Zaha and Ciel, combing light and darkness

Essentially a magical explosion. It features a halo atop, but this may be a side effect of having been used with holy magic.
Users — Reda and Coatl, combining light, darkness and possible the other elements

Curse Circle
A possession spell, which grants the caster control of monsters.
Users — Reda, Ruth

Black Hole
A gaping black hole that sucks all named monsters in the area into a void.
Users — Reda through the Terror Dragon

Saban Version

The element is renamed Evil. Most instances where dark magic is used for undeniably good purposes are censored away or ignored. Rules were invented about how one needs to invoke hate and rage to gain dark powers and kill in order to become stronger with it. Curse Circle was replaced by the dub-only Boomerang Spell, which was said to turn a monster destructive. The lines that state that being aligned to the demon element does not alter someone's identity were removed.