Elf Mahou Kenshi Dan

Magic Elf Swordswomen

Their leader is named Sonnet.



07. shou sui naa itsuha o^kushon !?
38. kaze to rokuna to fairytale

She can also be spotted in cameos during these episodes :

16. nanka arisona arisona sabaku !?
17. seigi no shouri ka !? mon colle knights
24. ai no ryouri hachoppiri kageki !?
51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • Root — Earth
  • AffinitiesWind
  • Spells — Sleep · Lightning Bolt
  • Power — She mainly depends on agility, but can use ranged magic if necessary.
  • Location — Her forest, but there are no specific ties to it, and she'll protect any forest.
  • Profession — Leader of the Swordswomen.


Saban Version

Renamed to Forest Elf Guard.