A list of people who played a relevant role in the creation of the anime. There isn't a single person who created the thing as a whole, though Akahori Satoru was the most central regarding the anime.

Group SNE

The company that owns the Six Gates franchise. They are fiercely protective of their work and will not allow any image of the cards to be online. They also regularly sweep Youtube early in the year to delete any MCK episodes.

Hitoshi Yasuda : created the Six Gates World and its magic system.

Akahori Satoru : created the anime's story and most of its characters.

Kasumi Hasegawa : helped created the story and did the composition of the series.

Atsuko Nakajima : designed the characters.

Loads of artists : created the monsters on the card game.

Yasunao Aoki : the director of the anime.