Count Crack

If there is one thing this show really loves doing, then it's tormenting Count Collection. One way it does so is by putting him in awful romance scenarios. Poor guy just can't catch a break XD.

Count Collection x Tequila

The tragic tale of how Count Collection lost his first kiss to a cactus.

Count Collection x Chuzaemon

Nothing he hates more in the universe.

Count Collection x Mondo

So, Count Collection somehow got stuck on a tropical island with Mondo, after being forced to watch a MANLY tv show, and becoming otaku over it. He started seeing Mondo as the lead character, the Sergeant, and considered kissing him in his sleep. Rokuna arrived and …. yeah. Don't touch her boyfriend.

Count Collection x Namiko

After Namiko accidentally stumbled into Count C's bubble in Germany, she promptly fell for the charming rose prince. It was love at first sight, and this is a parody world, eager to punish those with awkward ideas about love.