Count Collection

A German Count and the primary antagonists who just never catches on to the job, no matter how much he tries to.

Also see Count Crack and Count Cures.

His real name is Ludwig Brest von Meinstein.


An incarnation of the Sissy Villain, Count Collection would like to rule the worlds but doesn't always have the willpower to so much as get out of bed to do so. Once he does get on the way, he is painstakingly incompetent.

His behavior is erradic and unruly as a spoiled child, incapable of maturely handling failure, which occurs a lot. His villainy is much much like bullying, though with potentially lethal consequences. He has little problem with putting others in lethal situations and experiences no remorse over it. Usually though, if the heroes don't get in the way, his own foolishness does.

He does have a heart, which he doesn't seem to know what to do with.

His hobies include his rose garden and inventing perfumes, and an overdose of manliness may make him faint. Why he wants to rule both worlds he isn't too sure of himself.


Friends — Batchii, Guuko
Sort of Allies — Chuzaemon, Reda (very briefly)
Enemies — Ichirobei, Mondo, Rokuna

Ludwig and Ichirobei used to work together in a laboratory researching Rokumon Sekai. Disagreement drove them apart (read : they did things like hiding the other's boots on rainy days and such). Now, they have taken to a bitch-slap rivalry.

His interaction with the Mon Colle Knights is limited to gloating villainy stuff (and subsequent failure), save for the episode where he and Mondo got stuck on an island together. Seeing Mondo as Sergeant Bunchou, he fell in love, which quickly faded after an encounter with Rokuna and reality.

He met Reda twice, the first resulting in being electrocuted, the second had him manipulated into handing over the Gringul Orb.

Guuko and Batchii are probably his only real friends. While considering them underlings, he treats them more like friends; they eat at the same table, tell ghost stories together, and it's them he goes to when he wants to share something nice.


Aside of having once worked together with Ichirobei on researching Rokumon Sekai, no history is known.

He appears in virtually every episode and goes through the same loss each time.

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He is a scientist, apt in the art of Cartoon Physics.

He lives in Germany in what appears to be a subspace bubble.


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Luwdig = Famous Warrior. Like Zaha and Reda, his name is opposite of what he is.

Brest = A municipality in the north of Germany.

von = of

Meinstein = an obvious pun of Einstein and the German "mein", my.

Saban Version

* Here, he is Prince Eccentro, though he still lives in Germany. After using his invisible time travel machine to get to the present, he promptly forgets it for the rest of the series, and doesn't use it to travel back in time to get any items before the Knights do.
* Though he is said to be a time traveler from the 12th century, yet somehow attended school with Ichirobei, who got him kicked out for cheating. What kind of a school kicks someone out for cheating leaves one to wonder where exactly they attended school.
* He is not said to be gay, though he does get a crush on Mondo as in the original.
* He is not subjected to manliness training, but to evil villain training.
* His father was so alienated he did not even recognize him.