Contrived Coincidences
  • 01. They find the Ruby Ring on the very first monster they encounter.This is simply cause it is more convenient to introduce the plot device right away.

* 20. They just happen to be there where Zaha arrives to blow up the grave.
This is actually explained in later episodes. The satelite only picks up monsters if they are of a certain level of strength. So, it picks up elves and orcs, whose combined energy is large, and it picks up single large monsters. It does not pick up small monsters, such as lemmings. When Beginner wanted them to show up at her school, she summoned lots of large monsters. When Zaha wanted them to show up at the forest, he let the possessed monsters destroy things, causing a shift in the "winds". Normally the satelite does not respond to the same area twice, unless the magical winds change. Another example was when the rats invaded Utahime's valley.
Zaha is a powerful monster, visiting the location of an old war, and gathering up energy. Perhaps he burned a forest along the way, as he likes to do. Orthros meanwhile is a fairly small monster, lonely, and not very powerful. It is fair to assume the satelite picked up Zaha exactly cause he was affecting the winds.

* 26. Ciel just happens to be around to save them from Zaha.
He'd been kicking trouble for several hours already, it either took her a while to arrive, or the Yondai Tenshi only noticed around then and send her through teleportation.

* 39. Count Collection just happens to summon the one powerful monster that allows Reda to change his plans.
See Leprechaun entry.

* 47. The Katobi Lion just happens to nearly collide with Reda, so that it can explode and Rokuna notices something is up down there.
See Leprechaun entry.

* 48. Count Collection just happens to summon Namiko, who just happens to be able to save them, meaning Reda gets the Item later, meaning he actually bothers leaving the Terror Dragon.See Gremlin entry and Namiko entry.

* 51. The Katobi Lion just happens to block the gas from Luke and Beginner.
See Leprechaun entry and Saint Star Entry.