Coatl, The Legendary Serpent God

The name means serpent, derived from Quetzalcoatl. Like this mythic creature, it is a god of a vaguely Aztec civilization. Outside of the anime it is also called sun dragon at times.


It was sealed long ago in the Wind Realm, but was released by chance thanks to the Leprechaun, who also unwittingly helped defeat it after Count Collection controlled it. Later, Count Collection would summon it, only for Reda to cast Curse Circle and turn it against Tiamat, Zaha, Mondo and the Water Dragon. This done, it presumably was teleported back into its pyramid. In the final episode, it appears along with the other light monsters behind Ciel, to share its energy.


Root Element — Holy
Affinities — Holy + Fire + Wind + Earth.
Status — Sealed


27. leprechaun de bacchiguu !
39. oonami koete dai battle !
51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • Coatl is one of the few monsters with affinity to all six elements on the card game. In the anime, we don't see it use water and darkness, though its water affinity may be the reason for the inversed whirlpools during Reda's attack.
  • Along with the sea giant, this is one of the few monsters identified within the anime as a god.

Saban Version

Renamed Viperus, and its root element is changed into "Evil".