Civilization is a roughly defined concept that refers to cultures within a certain state of advancement. In this case, it shall be used to denote any sapient society with a distinguishable leader.


A demure, weak but widespread civilization. They live in anything from simply huts to two store buildings, usually in the Earth Realm. They are particularly open to magic, and have founded a school for summoners.

Cactus Folk

A small town in the desert, where two feuding families live. Their discord disrupted the Green Wind and turned the area barren. Their civilization resembles a stock Wild West Town, minus the horses.

Caith Sith

They are friendly if one catches them on the right time or happens to have cat nip available, and will gladly help out if they take a liking to someone. However, entering their castle will result in instant imprisonment, whether one did something wrong or not, and mice really should stay away from them.

Cloud City

A diverse city, governed by the birdmen but also homing harpies, various insects and pretty much anyone who is able to drop by. They enjoy keeping contests of speed for their visitors, which they themselves do not participate in.
They widely use windmills for power and have an odd fascination with them, with little windmills more or less being their currency. They also possess sophisticated magic, essentially using crystals ball as our modern world uses the media network, and they have an armed force ready at any given time.

Elf City

A town built high in the trees, protected by a female elf guard and governed by the Green Wind King. They are terribly afraid of dirt and sweat, which places them at odds with the orcs, but otherwise competent battlers. Their feud with the orcs doesn't seem to run too deep, and has resolved some time after Count Collection's disposal.

Orc Camp

After the disappearance of their king, the orc army has degraded to a camp full of lazy, sleepy warriors who always are too tired to get up. They live in a sand plain and did nothing but sleep or make attempts to invade the elf village, which never work cause they were too lazy. However, when inspired properly, they can get up and moving.

The Ogres


The only goblins clearly seen in the series were a group if mistags who went about stealing things, and enslaving people to work for them.


The dominant species of the holy element and generally serve as protectors of the world. Their culture has a strong accent on the belief that they are embodiments of goodness, and that this is evidenced in the whiteness of their wings. They also have the idea that letting evil happen through inaction is acceptable. That didn't do a lot of good for some.

The angels were the ones to originally spread the Mon Mon Items across the world, and one item resides in ownership of the Flame Angel still, one of the Yondai Tenshi.

The Yondai Tenshi are the elemental guardians of the cardinal four realms. Serving as representatives, they are limited in their actions when it does not concern their protectorate. They took an interest in the Mon Colle Knights after the Forest Angel met them, and considered handing them the Mon Mon Items they possessed.
While their views regarding demons are looser than the main body of angels, they still were idly standing by while Reda killed his own minions and later found the Knights and Zaha as his victim. When they finally came forth, this was quite the shock, for it broke a long held apathy.

Demon Hierarchy

The demon realm is governed by Reda through the seat of power, Kharon.

Coral Mermaids



Tropical Islands

Gillmen Society

Lizardmen Village

The Valkyrie

The Fairies

The Kobolds

Kobolds are eternally in pursuit of knowledge. They can be found anywhere from distant places, digging for ancient treasures cooking artistry, or in laboratories.

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