Ciel, The Rainbow Spinning Angel

Ciel is an elemental angel apparently in service of the Four Elemental Angels and the only regular angel to appear during the span of the series.


Straight forward, wasting no words on pointless things, or her own emotions and doubts. All one would except from an angel, she is kind and compassionate, mature rather than naive. She has something motherly in nature, and does not hesitate to throw herself in harms way in order to protect. Her mind is sharp and she was the first to suspect Reda was up to something other than world domination. She also found out that the demon element isn't inherently evil, apparently by learning how to use its magic. There may be a snarky streak, as her response to the suspected world domination plan was, "That's all?"


Family — Lark
Fiance — Zaha
Friends — Mondo, Rokuna, Fire Dragon

[ to be written ] .


She was present during the last war of saints and demons and witnessed her brother's death in it, after he told her what happened. Zaha was initially assumes dead, but when he turned out to be alive and fallen, she made a habit of looking after him and ensuring he did not go too far.
Zaha for his turn flew away whenever she came, never giving her a chance to talk. Some time in this period, she discarded the views on Angels and Demons as good and evil, and also learned some demon magic. She also became a minor elemental angel.


  • 26. yami no kirema nikakaru niji
  • 40. saidaikyuu no muna sawagi !
  • 47. tanjou ! honoo no kyuukyoku dragon
  • 48. kessen ! akaki shi no wana
  • 50. kieru roku mon sekai
  • 51. kagayaki ha daimond


  • RootHoly
  • AffinityHoly + Water + Demon
  • SpellsDispel MagicMistDarkness IllusionMagic Shield
  • Power — She is physically weak, but proficient in magic, which tend to be of the defensive variety. She may also have some type of advanced hearing, hence why she fled from Reda before even finding out it was him, and why only she seemed to hear him refer to the time master (47).
  • Profession — A servent of the Yondai Tenshi. Which actually means saving people a lot and being Zaha's psychologist.
  • Location — While not tied to a specific location, when on or near holy grounds she the sky changes color, such as going from gray to golden (in the Deep Blue) or to a mixture of blue, green and yellow (in the Crystal Flame Valley). Her presence also may give a mint color to the moon. A similar effect is that she can leave a rainbow in her trail, if she chooses to.


The simplest meaning of her name is it being part of L'Arc 'n Ciel, French for rainbow. Ciel means sky or heaven, and her brother would be the arch. Another possible explanation is Shīr, which is Hebrew for song or verse. In this case, Lark would symbolize the bird of ascension, the lark, and Shīr would be the words that he never spoke.

Saban Version

  • Her title is changed to Spectra Angel, which also serves as her personal name.
  • Her brother is not Lark, but Gabriolis.
  • She does not perform Darkness Illusion.
  • She holds the view that Light = Good and Dark = Evil, polar opposite to Ciel.