Boring Everyday

Aka, the world without magic, which the heroes seek to connect to the six gate universe. Residents from this world tends to refer to it as Genji Sekai : the real world, which implies the rokumon sekai is a sort of Fantasia. However, the residents of the six gates world refer to the other universe as Ningenkai, the human world, finding themselves quite real. So, instead of picking between either, this article has been entitled the more apt "boring everyday", as the theme song Return To Myself likes to call it.

Hiiragi Household


Ichirobei is filthy rich, apparently. He may also have ties with the city council, considering they permit his strange statues all over the place, as well as having a large subterranean dock.

The School


A perfectly ordinary school, which is located within walking distance of the Hiiragi home. Ordinary except for the part where the front building opens up and the sports field splits to unfold the runway of the Stove Dragon.

Castle Collection

The considerably less boring homestead of Count Collection. It homes Count Collection, Guuko and Batchii, as well as Leprechaun, the Black Tango Cat, a horde of Gremlins, and finally Chuzaemon and his many manly servants. Then there's a few deer.