A total tomboy, a bit bothered by it, but still loves to work out. [ more to come later ].


Friends — Count Collection, Guuko

Her interaction is primarily limited to Count Collection, while she just tries to get rid of Chuzaemon and lives alongside of Guuko's blissfully oblivious world. They have an awkward love-hate relation, in that she simultaneously is bossed around by him and bosses him around, and is particularly fond of giving him "accidents". She despises his camp way of acting, which may be the only thing she and Chuzaemon agree on. Much to her dismay, she is also the first thing Count Collection clutches onto when he's scared. But when not making each other miserable, she is probably the only one capable of interacting with Count Collection like a normal human being. As time goes by, she becomes more tolerant of his camp antics.


No background information is known on her other than that she speaks in a Kansai accept. She also has knowledge of mechanics, suggesting she followed an education at some point. Count Collection probably found her somewhere when visiting Ichirobei in Japan.


Age — 18
Nationality — Japanese (Kansai Dialect)


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  • The reason Batchii's uniform during the baseball episode is different is because it is the Hanshin Tigers style, which is the Osaka baseball team.

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