Mizu, Water. The oceans, the rivers and the marshes.

This element is signified by all forms of regular temperature water. Its monsters are unique in that none of them ever display evil tendencies, and even carnivores are really rare.

It is a mutually exclusive element with Fire.

Water Realm

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  • 02. — jahne to bakari ni lovestar
  • 04 — ningyo no mahou de bunbunbun!
  • 10 — nagasa rete Oh my friend!
  • 24 — ai no ryouri hachoppiri kageki !?
  • 28 — paraiso beach de naminori ri sama^
  • 31 — umi noo shiro no ningyohime
  • 32 — bara no oheya no daisakusen
  • 39 — oonami koete dai battle !
  • 40 — saidaikyuu no muna sawagi !


Battle Spells

Water provides good defense.

A teleportation spell that allows the caster to teleport a short distance without passing a rokumon.
Users — Ciel

A protective blue barrier in the form of a sphere.
Users — Rokuna

Tidal Wave
As the title says.
Users — Water Dragon + Wave Angel, Pearl Princess