The Fallen Angel Arc

The anime only had one continuing character arc, which is roughly tied together by the angels Zaha, Ciel and Reda. Mondo and Rokuna were the catalyst within these events.

There are several events which were referenced but not shown. This page provides an overview.


Note that these are not angels and demons in the Christian sense, but monsters who only look like the non-biblical stereotype associated with those words. They are mortal, physical creatures who breed and dig graves for their dead.

The setting is that of the angels and the demons (as in, the species). The former are (supposed to be) overseers of the world, and believe they are incarnations of goodness, and that the demons are incarnations of evil. Since the distant past, the elements of light and darkness have been at war for a reason they long since forgot.

Lark is an ordinary angel who has a younger sister, Ciel, and a best friend, Zaha. He also has a loyal friend in the dark hound Orthros. Zaha and Ciel are in love and were engaged shortly before the war.

A war between the angels and demons broke out, again. Lark, Zaha and Ciel were present and directly involved, but no details are given on their specific roles. All mentioned is that they fought together. Zaha has armor while Lark does not, instead Lark has a forehead gem, indicating Lark's role did not require physical combat; perhaps a magical function.

At one point there was a battle in the earth realm, near the Blue Mountainrange, which had turned to desert due to the war disrupting the green wind. Here Zaha was injured, and the other angels left him behind. When Lark and Orthros later arrived, Zaha pleaded to him that he take him along, but Lark remained silent and flew away.

Lark went on to bait away an approaching swarm of demons. He had seen that Zaha's injuries were too severe, and if he took him along it would endanger him.
By not approaching Zaha, the enemy would get the impression he had left a dead body behind, and this worked. They pursued him and left Zaha alone. Lark was fatally injured, but survived long enough to reach his sister and inform her of what had happened.

Zaha was not aware of the enemy and did not understand Lark's actions. His despair turned to hate. Reda arrived some time later, and offered him power, but he would have to shed his wings (what he believed to be his mark of goodness). Zaha accepted, saying he would no longer need them. As he turned into a demon, he swore vengeance.

Later, Ciel or other angels arrived at the spot of the fall, and found Zaha's wings. The presumed him dead and built a grave. Orthros remained there to guard it. Over the passing of time, the desert returned to life.

Zaha went on to become a servant of Reda, almost always taking his directions and advice. He gained a servant and sidekick in Ruth, a small imp who had the magic tricks to compliment Zaha's raw power. Despite both being condescending towards the concept of friendship, they subconsciously struck up a strong bond.

He once attempted to change back into an angel, and failed. This convinced him he was evil at heart, and so he tried to live up to that.

Ciel eventually learned about Zaha's survival and went on to become an elemental angel in service of the Four Elemental Angels. During this time, Ciel started to learn various types of non-holy magic, specifically water spells and demon spells. Exploring the latter is how she verified that the dark element does not alter someone's identity.

Zaha knew Ciel was around, but always avoided her. He has seen her use Darkness Illusion at least once.

Reda knows her personal name and she may have made a habit of getting in his way, but he does not know anything about her relation with Zaha.

Completely unrelated, really : in the other universe, a mad scientists discovers a portal to the six gates universe and brings along his daughter and her boyfriend. Upon arrival, a fortune teller informs them of their special power, to merge with monsters and bring out their strength, and they go on to become heroes while battling off the villainous Count Collection; all the while searching for six magical items that can connect the two universes.
For this purpose, they happen to have a satellite in orbit that responds to any distortion of the magical atmospheres of the world.

20. Black Wings Drifting In Darkness

One night, Zaha left the demon realm to visit his grave, which he only now had learned to exist. He destroyed it and indirectly caused Orthros to be injured. This spurred the Mon Colle Knights into action, who had arrived shortly before in response to the invisible turmoil Zaha's journey caused. Mondo confronted Zaha aggressively and said he would not forgive him for what he did to the dog. Seeing him act heroic rubbed Zaha the wrong way and he threatened them, but when Count Collection interrupted, they got away. Zaha did not pursue.
Later that night he thought over what he had seen, got upset when remembering Lark had not extended the same help as those kids to Orthros, and destroyed a forest in his rage. However, when he yet later returned to the grave site, he saw Orthros save the children, and they worked together with the dog to defeat Count Collection. When they were about to lose, Zaha couldn't help himself and stepped in right when Count C was about to unleash a more deadly weapon. Attacking the Katobi Lion with the Black Photon, he gave the children and Orthros a chance to recover.
The next morning, the children come to the grave and see him above it. Nothing is said, and he flies away. Ruth asks him why he saved them, to which Zaha replies it was just a whim.

Zaha learns that the children are called the Mon Colle Knights and they go around on the globe, saving people. This once again reminded Zaha of Lark's supposed betrayal, and he decides to teach them that ultimately, everyone will betray their friends in favor of their own life, that's just how the world works. He also learns that they seek the Mon Mon Items, and has Ruth find out the location of one of them, and he figures out what the appearance pattern of the Knights is.

25. Your Smile Once More

Zaha defeats the Stone Giant and Ruth hands him the Gringul Orb and asks him what he needs it for.

Ruth somehow sneaks into the Hiiragi home and steals three cards from the kid's collection : the Forest Giant, the Salamander and the Sky Wyvern.

26. Rainbow Breaking The Darkness

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A seemingly unrelated event occurs : in the Wind Realm, the Mon Colle Knights and Guuko cross paths with the sealed Coatl. A Leprechaun who took a liking to Guuko causes it to be unsealed, yet also defeats it. This places Count Collection in possession of a summon card for Coatl, and the Leprechaun becomes Guuko's friend.

Yet another seemingly unrelated event occurs : in the Earth Realm, the Mon Colle Knights cross paths with the Forest Angel, who gets to know them a little and learns of their quest. She will later go on to tell this to the other elemental angels.

And another seemingly unrelated event occurs : while bored, Ruth flies around and comes across Mister Gentle. He ends up organizing a baseball tournament between the Mon Colle Knights and team Collection, giving a prank box as a prize, to which Ruth ultimately falls victim himself. During this, Ruth learns that the Knights have four particular friends : Beginner, Luke, Miss Songstress and Pegasus.

Reda discovers the seventh realm some time prior to the following episode and that he can Oroboros if he has the Mon Mon Items. The first he finds trace of is the Ariaolo Pearl, which is in the hands of Tiamat.

39. The Surge Exceeding The Battle

While Zaha is venting in the water realm, Reda meets him and asks him for help, reminding him he still owes him for having given him his powers. Zaha asks what he wants, and Reda says he wants the Ariaolo Pearl.

Elsewhere, the Knights arrive in the Water Realm. They encounter a human girl on a rock, much to their surprise. She wants to know why they seek the Items, and Mondo happily explains about his dream. Count Collection arrives and Mondo summons the Water Dragon to defend themselves, with success. The Water Dragon then invites them to come along, to show them something. The girl has disappeared and the dragon leads them to the Deep Blue.

Reda, Zaha and Ruth have already arrived, awaiting Tiamat. Zaha asks him for his reasons of wanting the item, which Reda refuses to say. Zaha isn't content with not being given a reason to fight, and he not so politely says he'll leave, to which Reda is silent. He's about to take off when the Knights and team Collection arrive. Reda recognizes them as people from the other universe, then is surprised to note Zaha upset at their presence.

They watch the match for the items unfold, which Reda find ridiculous. Zaha meanwhile gets more and more worked up, till he dives down and confronts Mondo, accusing him of his ideals of friendship just a game, referring to Mondo using monsters for his own gain (and ignoring that the Water Dragon volunteered). Mondo denies it, Zaha attacks. Mondo refuses to fight back and wants to understand Zaha, but his questions are deflected.

Reda meanwhile looks on until Count Collection summons a monster, which Reda recognize as the legendary serpent god, Coatl. Knowing the power this creature holds, he casts Curse Circle to control it and performs a Catastrophy spell by combining his energy with Coatl's. Coatl fires at the platform and engulfs Zaha, Mondo and the Fire Dragon. The attack succeeds, and Reda is satisfied to find Zaha vanishes and Tiamat weakened.

40. The Great Spur In My Tumultuous Chest

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47. Birth! Final Fire Dragon

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48. Red Death's Trap

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49. The Sixth Item

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50. Vanishing Six Gates Universe

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51. Diamond's Radiance

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